We understand that many patients have questions before beginning treatment, and we try to answer as many common questions as we can before you even come into our office for your first consultation. Our intention is to put your mind at ease throughout the entire process.


Is there a charge for the initial exam and what will occur at that appointment?

The initial half-hour exam is complimentary. A pre-appointment introductory package will be emailed containing our patient registration form (also printable from this site), background information on our offices, and results of our post-treatment patient survey. To ensure you can receive our information, please check that This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is allowed in your email spam program. The initial exam includes presentations concerning the types and placement of braces and retainers, Dr. Ziman's exam and preliminary diagnosis, proposed treatment plan(s), as well as a fee estimate. A personalized letter recapping the exam appointment will be emailed to you with a follow-up call made a few days later to answer any questions you might have and to schedule your next appointment if appropriate. 

How does insurance for braces work and how much coverage is there?

Not all dental plans have orthodontic benefits and of those that do, there is generally a variable lifetime maximum benefit per patient. The majority of plans allow benefits for dependants under age 19 and for full-time students up to age 25, while a few do provide benefits for adults as well. Check your benefits booklet or consult with your Human Resources Department for specifics on your plan. Finally, benefits are often paid out over the course of treatment and not up front. Expect to pay an average copayment of 50% and because lifetime maximums have not kept up with inflation, expect to pay approximately 20-75% of the actual fee. If benefits, employers or insurers change during the orthodontic treatment, your out of pocket cost may as well. 

Example: A $4800 orthodontic fee with a $1500 insurance benefit results in an out of pocket expense of $3300. Benefits are paid out at whatever percentage your group has set over the course of the treatment until the maximum benefit is reached. 

What insurance plans do you provide for?

Below is a partial listing of the plans for which we participate. There are others not listed for which we may be able to provide services as well. Please call and check with us as circumstances often change rapidly in this area. Referrals from your dentist may be required for some networks and benefits levels for some plans vary if you select an in-network versus out-of-network provider. 

Aetna (PPO), American Medical Security, Blue Cross Blue Sheild of MN, Broker's National, CIGNA (PPO), Connecticut General, Delta Dental/Delta USA, Fortis Benefits, Premier Dental/HealthPartners, Medica Dental Choice, MetLife (Non-PPO), Prudential, Mutual of Omaha (Mutually Preferred Plan) 

What do braces cost?

Treatment fee's for typical 18-24 month treatments can range from $4100-6100 depending on many variable factors including estimated duration of therapy, case complexity,type of appliance(s) used, insurance considerations and outcome desired. There can be more than one way to treat a case so most likely you will have to select among choices one of which best meets your particular need. It is not possible to diagnose or treatment plan your case over the phone so come in for a complimentary initial exam where Dr. Ziman can specifically review your case, discuss options, answer questions and provide a fee quotation.

How are payment plans arranged? Is a down payment required?

We offer several interest-free payment plan options without a down payment requirement. Most plans can be extended over the course of the orthodontic treatment and we never charge a set-up fee. These plans are available for credit-worthy accounts.

How do you communicate with me before, during, and after treatment?

We believe communication is key to an effective relationship and will help lead to an excellent treatment result. We communicate increasingly via email since this allows you to receive our correspondence in the quickest way possible. We encourage you to check your spam filters and make sure that This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is able to send messages to your account.