Dr. Ziman Completes His Orthodontic Treatment and Veneers

At Ziman Orthodontics, we believe in what we do and this goes all the way to the top. As a child. Dr. Ziman's teeth were stained by sulfa drugs used to treat earaches. The result was a yellowish gray tinge which progressively darkened over the years. While he did not require braces as a child, in preparation for the veneers to cover up the discolored teeth, an 18 month orthodontic treatment was undertaken to correct a deep overbite, align the tipped bicuspids and space out the upper undersized lateral incisors. The before/after orthodontic pictures as well as the newly veneered teeth pictures are presented here. ,Many of our adult patients would benefit from a combination orthodontic and veneer type approach to rebuild/restore their smiles... just like Dr. Ziman. Your dentist is a great resource to discuss veneers.

Click here to see Dr. Ziman's before-and-after treatment pictures.