This is a testimony for three generations worth of orthodontic treatment with Ziman Orthodontics. I had braces put on my teeth as an adult in about 1988 and was quite pleased with the results. In 1990 I had Dr. Ziman fit my 13 year-old son with braces so in 2013 when my grandson needed braces I again turned to Dr. Ziman.

I must admit that I took my grandson to a local orthodontist first but was not impressed by their fancy revolving door practice, plus we were told that four teeth would have to be extracted before braces put on. My intuition led me back to Dr. Z who was 27 miles away. Long story short, no teeth were extracted, the braces came off 10 months early, and my grandson is quite pleased with what he calls his dazzling smile!

Dr. Ziman has always treated my family with the utmost professionalism. He is down to earth, easy to converse with, and always at one's disposal. Dr. Ziman, to me you will always be a 5 star dentist!

-A Kirchner, Rogers, MN