Dr. Paul Ziman

Dr. Ziman has been in the exclusive practice of orthodontics since 1983 after completing undergraduate studies, dental school and graduate school at the University of Minnesota. He maintains practices in downtown Minneapolis, Eagan, and Minnetonka. Dr. Ziman is an Adjunct Professor, Development & Surgical Science at the University of Minnesota Dental School and serves as a consultant to the Cleft Palate Team. His treatment philosophy is to deliver the highest quality orthodontic care with the best available technology consistent with long-term value and patient satisfaction.


A Word About Internet and Social Media Reviews:
Federal law restricts health care providers from releasing any information about our patients without their permission thereby making it impossible to respond to an anonymous adverse or negative "rating" on any number of websites. As you may know, lawsuits have been filed against websites, including well known social media sites, alleging that if a "target" declined to advertise on that site, negative ratings appeared. In some cases, including one which affected our practice, a negative anonymous rating appears first followed by more than a dozen favorable ratings AND it costs money to post a favorable rating or for us to respond in any way. We also are aware of competitors who post negative anonymous ratings and who have been confronted by providers in the community but choose to hide behind their freedom of speech rights. Our testimonials on our website are from our patients, many of whom provide their names, who have worked with us on their or their child's treatment averaging 24-28 appointments over an 18-24 month timeframe...plenty of opportunity for things to go right or wrong. While we make no claim of perfection, we ALWAYS respond to concerns raised by our patients and do the best we can to satisfactorily resolve their concerns IF we know about them. The pride we take in our work hasn't lessened in the thirty years we've practiced orthodontics and we have hundreds of satisfied patients who will testify to that if asked. The Internet is used for both good and not so good purposes in a free society but for those of us whose reputation has been built through years of hard work and effort to deliver the highest quality care, it is a frustration with which we've had to learn to live. We invite any prospective patient who wishes to speak with an existing or past patient as a means of evaluating our practice to contact us and we will place them in contact with each other given their mutual consent.