Obamacare and Orthodontics

With healthcare reform being a major news story, Ziman Orthodontics is pleased to explain how the way we do things is already ahead of the curve.


One of the proposals to change how medical providers are paid is to provide a lump sum to treat a condition ( diabetes for example) over some time frame rather than paying for individual tests and treatments separately one at a time. Proponents maintain that costs will be lowered over time by incentivizing providers to keep their patients healthy. Irrespective of ones position on this proposal, this is what we have been doing at Ziman Orthodontics for 30 years. Fee’s are established at the outset including whatever number of appointments are needed to complete the case along with indefinite future retainer checkups. While other medical/ dental conditions may not lend themselves to this model, we feel orthodontic therapy does.

Another issue relates to the notion that more healthcare is better care. Among some Orthodontists, routine use of multiphased treatments ( Phase I and Phase II ) on children with upper tooth/ jaw prominence (termed Class II malocclusion) is common. Research comparing outcomes however has consistently shown that multiphased treatments do NOT produce better outcomes as compared to single phased therapies. At Ziman Orthodontics we occasionally will utilize such therapy in unique and limited circumstances but it is not the norm nor a standard procedure on our patients. Why is this distinction important? Multiphased treatments are more costly and take longer to complete in total. A recent review of 105 studies by Jung appearing in an industry journal on this very question concluded that early ( Phase I ) treatment is no more effective than one phase of comprehensive therapy in these patient types.

While reforming healthcare is a complex and controversial undertaking, we do our best to adhere to evidence based treatments which offer the best outcomes and value to our patients. Please browse our before/ after images and testimonials elsewhere on our website.