What Parents Say About Ziman Orthodontics After First Going Elsewhere:

Dr. Ziman:

I wanted to write this letter so that you could publish it so that other patients could make an informed decision. I have and continue to refer my friends to you. Thank you again so much for being so honest with us and the continued work you are giving Amber. 

If you are looking for an orthodontist, or looking for an orthodontist that is about you or your child, and not about a smoothie machine, fresh cookies, espresso machine, video games in the waiting room, booking the Water Park of America for her entire practice, or drawings with wonderful prizes to get people into their office and pay for it with increased rates, don’t sign up until you hear what I have to say and then you can make an informed decision. 

My daughter had her first set of braces when she was in 2nd grade. We went to the first person that we saw, (it was the Orthodontist that comes every year to my child’s school for dental prevention month) so I figured if the school allows them to come in and demonstrate and talk to the children, she must be very good. Well yes she is good, but costly. Not knowing better, which we should, we went to her for my daughter had a space between her two front teeth. Before we knew it, they were taking pictures, doing x-rays, and had us signing a contract before we realized what was happening. The Orthodontist put 4 braces or brackets on her front four teeth. Well the cost of that was $2,500.00. Our insurance paid $1,600.00 we paid $900.00 out of pocket. Granted, we did get a cookie, water bottle or smoothie, and tokens to save up to get some cool prizes for each visit.

 Now my daughter is in 6th grade and she needs a full set of braces to correct an overbite and crowding. My daughter and I went back to the Orthodontist to find out what the total cost would be for a full set of braces. The Orthodontist would charge $6,200.00 for phase 2; she would minus $500.00 for phase 1 treatment leaving a total cost of $5,800.00 plus tax. 

My husband and I decided we needed to check around. We did go to several orthodontists in the metro area, and came upon Dr. Ziman who was referred to us from a friend who was also a patient at our previous orthodontist. Upon meeting Dr. Ziman my daughter and I felt very comfortable there, the staff was very friendly, and Dr. Ziman was truly attentive on my daughter and her care. He also contacted us after our consultation to see if we had any other questions. I was very impressed with him. 

My husband and I decided to go with Dr. Ziman because he was very honest and no hidden charges. Once we contacted our insurance to see if we had any money left for orthodontic care after going with our previous Orthodontist we were notified that her office used the remaining money for banding. So the total cost for my daughter’s first phase of treatment was $2,900.00. There was no expander, only one retainer that she used for 2 years at most. So for the total cost that it would have been for my daughter to go to this clinic would be in the ball park of $9,000.00. 

Dr. Ziman’s office was much less than our previous Orthodontist and other clinics we checked out. My daughter is very happy with going to Dr. Ziman and does not even miss the tokens or the cookies. Please do not make the same mistake that my family made by going to the first orthodontist and not checking other’s out. If you go to the clinic and they want to quickly take x-rays or pictures of your child’s mouth please wait, take a breath, and tell them you need to think about it, and call Dr. Ziman for a consultation and see what Dr. Ziman and his staff can do for you. 

Dr. Ziman is very attentive to detail and will make sure everything is done right and does not push you into anything unless you are ready and have made an informed decision. Please take the time and call his office and set up a consultation with Dr. Ziman, I guarantee you will not regret it. If I could turn back the clock, I would rather treat my daughter to a cookie and smoothie at Starbucks and save myself thousands of dollars. Thank you for taking the time to read this personal summary of our Orthodontist experience. 

Sandy M. 
Inver Grove Heights, MN

Aug. 4, 2011

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