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Frequently Asked Questions 

Before beginning orthodontic treatment, you likely have many questions, especially regarding costs of treatment. We want to set your mind at ease by answering these questions.

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Dental Insurance and Flex Benefits

If you have further questions regarding the insurance process for orthodontic treatment, we have laid out basic information that apply to many insurance companies. While we recommend that you check with your insurance provider for specific information, we hope that these generalities offer you a good starting point.

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We believe that our long list of unedited testimonials goes a long way towards demonstrating the quality treatments performed by Ziman Orthodontics. Many of our patients have returned multiple times for treatment of additional family members as a result of their satisfaction with our practice.

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Mara & Herbst Appliances

These devices integrate with braces in an effort to achieve correction of bite malrelationships characterized by weak or retrusive lower jaws.

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Bonded Retainers Long-Term Followups

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